Diode Laser

Definition - What does Diode Laser mean?

A diode laser is mainly used for hair removal and it is based on the dynamics of light and heat. The laser beam penetrates the surface of the skin and reaches the hair follicles. As soon as it reaches its target, the light is absorbed and transformed into heat by destroying the hair follicle and, therefore, reducing the hair number without any skin damage.

TheConsultation explains Diode Laser

A diode laser emits a beam in 808nm frequency, offering an effective and safe epilation session. Laser light is absorbed by the hair and follicle and it's converted to heat, increasing the temperature of the follicle. When the temperature is increased to a certain point, the follicle structure is destroyed, providing an almost permanent result is achieved after some number of sessions.

Unlike the Alexandrite laser, a diode is safe for dark and tanned skin, thus, it is ideal for treatment even in the summer months. Generally, a diode treatment is considered a safe and relevantly painless treatment with a high success rate.

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