Inframammary Incision

Definition - What does Inframammary Incision mean?

Inframammary incision refers to the incision placed beneath the fold of the breast. From there, a silicone or saline breast implant can be inserted into the body. Usually, the incision length is 2.5-5cm long and is adequately hidden by the natural hanging of the breast. It is also the incision that is said to cause the least amount of scarring.

TheConsultation explains Inframammary Incision

One of the biggest benefits of an inframammary incision from a surgical standpoint is that it is so close to the operating site. This allows surgeons the ability to control bleeding and have more precision in their technique. An added benefit is that this type of incision can be reopened later which means that there will be no new scars if subsequent surgeries are required.

However, one potential downside of this particular incision is that it can make it difficult to increase breast implant size later. Because the scar forms under the breast, creating a larger breast may mean that the scar will move up and become visible.

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