Hidden Incision Blepharoplasty

Definition - What does Hidden Incision Blepharoplasty mean?

Blepharoplasties are surgeries that are performed to help reduce excess skin, muscle and fatty tissue in the eyelids. In some patients, the condition becomes so severe that it begins to obstruct their peripheral vision. In these cases, the procedure may be considered necessary rather than an optional cosmetic procedure and insurances can cover the procedure.

TheConsultation explains Hidden Incision Blepharoplasty

A hidden incision blepharoplasty is a specific type of blepharoplasty that makes an incision along the natural crease of the eyelid. Placing the incision here helps to reduce the appearance and hide any scarring. After just a few weeks, the scar may be unnoticeable. The hidden incision blepharoplasty procedure is completed under IV sedation, and very fine sutures are placed to close the incision.

These specific types of sutures must be removed a few weeks after the operation, but their size helps to reduce the appearance of scarring.

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