Fat Transposition

Definition - What does Fat Transposition mean?

Fat transposition is a cosmetic medical procedure that involves removing adipose tissue (fat) from the patient’s lower eyelid and moving it to the treatment area. This process is repeated until the desired effect is achieved. Patients who have dark undereye circles or excess fat in their eyelids are ideal candidates for the treatment.

TheConsultation explains Fat Transposition

This surgical technique can be helpful to improve the appearance of aging in patients by removing excess adipose tissue from the lower eyelid. In order to make sure that patients are a fit for this operation, they should have a complete ophthalmological exam; including the eyelid and periocular exams.

Before operations are conducted, photos are also taken to be able to compare the results and success of the procedure. The surgery is conducted as outpatient surgery, and the procedure produces minimal visible scarring.

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