Definition - What does Lipoatrophy mean?

Lipoatrophy is a medical issue that causes the loss of stored fat in the body. Lipoatrophy is also referred to as lipodystrophy, although lipodystrophy covers any changes to stored fat, including fat gain. Lipoatrophy can be the sign of a serious underlying issue and should be investigated by your physician. The condition is often caused by an illness or infection.

TheConsultation explains Lipoatrophy

Lipoatrophy refers to an unnatural loss of body fat from the body. Lipoatrophy can often result in the loss of fat around vital organs that helps to protect them and can be a very serious issue. Lipoatrophy has been linked as an inherited trait, and as the result of an infection. The issue can be inherited or suddenly develop and may target one or many parts of the body.

This fat loss is generally not associated with abnormal health.

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