Definition - What does Fulgeration mean?

Fulguration is a process that destroys tissues through the use and exposure of electrical current to the site. Fulguration is used for a variety of medical treatments including cancer treatments and surgical procedures for bleeding control. The actual procedure utilizes the heat from the electrical current to destroy the appropriate abnormal or targeted cells.

TheConsultation explains Fulgeration

Fulguration uses an electrode that is placed on or near the damaged cells. The electrical current that is produced creates heat that then burns or destroys the nearby cells and tissue. Fulguration is also called electrocautery, electrocoagulation, and electrofulguration. Surgeons may also opt to use fulguration to help control bleeding by cauterizing the wounds with the specifically targeted heat.

Fulguration is considered a type of electrosurgery for its ability to specifically target and destroy abnormal body tissue.

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