Red Light LED Skin Treatment

Definition - What does Red Light LED Skin Treatment mean?

Red light LED skin treatment is used as a therapeutic skin treatment to help with wrinkles, scars, age lines, persistent wounds, and even stretch marks that result from weight fluctuation or pregnancy. Red light treatments can also be used in medical settings to help with issues like psoriasis, and even help with some negative effects of chemotherapy.

TheConsultation explains Red Light LED Skin Treatment

The different colors of light have different wavelengths that can penetrate the skin to varying depths. Red light therapy targets the mitochondria of the cell to help increase the production of ATP. Increased levels of ATP can help to rapidly restore and heal the skin. Red light LED treatment differs from laser treatments because it does not damage or destroy the top layer of skin.

Red light LED skin treatments to penetrate the skin up to 5 millimeters.

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