Periareolar Incision

Definition - What does Periareolar Incision mean?

The periareolar incision is a type of incision used in breast surgery. The incision is an option for both breast reduction surgery and breast augmentation surgery. The incision is also known as the donut incision due to the shape of the cut being a hollow circle.

The periareolar incision is an incision made around the areolas. The cut is made along the rims of the nipples where the skin is naturally darker, which makes it blend into the skin more easily during the healing process.

TheConsultation explains Periareolar Incision

The periareolar incision is an incision made following the edges of the areola. The cut is made on the curve which separates the darker skin of the nipple and the lighter skin of the rest of the breast. After the cut is made, a pocket is made either inside the breast or underneath the muscle, through which a breast implant can be slid and positioned. In breast reduction surgery, the pocket is used to pull out excess fat and tissue through. This incision can be used only in breast reduction surgery on thin women with smaller breasts.

The periareolar incision is a popular choice because of the mild scarring it produces. The scars left after the procedure easily blend in with the areola, looking like the natural edge of the nipple.

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