Vertical Incision

Definition - What does Vertical Incision mean?

A vertical incision, also called the lollipop incision, is the most commonly used type of incision in breast reduction surgery. The incision is made around the areolas, with an additional cut being made from the bottom of the nipple towards the bottom of the breast.

TheConsultation explains Vertical Incision

A vertical incision during breast reduction surgery is used on patients who are looking to moderately resize their breasts. Patients with visible sagging are also excellent candidates for this type of incision.

The vertical incision has two incision sites: one around the edges of the areola, and a vertical cut from the areola to the bottom the breast. The vertical incision is referred to as the lollipop incision as the incision lines resemble the shape of a lollipop. The vertical incision allows for the extraction of excess fat and tissue and the internal reshaping of the breast. The vertical incision is popular as it leaves only moderate scarring.

The scars are strategically placed: the incision around the areola blends with the color of the nipples, while the vertical line is on the middle of the breast, which makes it easy to cover up with lingerie or swimwear.

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