Pedicled Flap

Definition - What does Pedicled Flap mean?

A pedicled flap is the transplanted tissue that remains partially attached to its original site and is simply transposed onto the defect. Plastic surgeons frequently use the pedicled flap in the reconstruction of skin and soft tissue defects and it is distinct from the free graft in two manners.

Firstly, it includes all the skin layers, with a substantial volume of attached fat and subcutaneous tissue. Secondly, its own blood supply is preserved thanks to its attachment to the neighboring tissues.

TheConsultation explains Pedicled Flap

It is undeniable that the most popular method for reconstruction is the use of free flaps. However, the international literature shows that pedicled flaps can be equally reliable offering good functional results and can be considered a very satisfactory alternative to the free flaps. Inevitably, surgeons often deal with either elderly patients with severe medical comorbidities or pretreated patients with recurrent disease or second primary malignancies.

Those patients may be unsuitable for or overburden a microvascular procedure like a free flap, therefore pedicled flap could be their only solution.

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