Tear Trough

Definition - What does Tear Trough mean?

A tear trough is the fold under the eyes which originates in the corner of the inner eye and stretches downwards, forming a darker patch of skin right under the lower lashes. In severe cases, this under-eye area forms bags. For most people, a tear through looks like a shadow cast by the eye, but the shades of the color of the skin as well as the shape and length of the tear trough vary based on facial construction, age, and skin color and texture.

TheConsultation explains Tear Trough

A tear trough is a shadow on the skin underneath the eyes, stretching from the corners of the eyes, usually the inner corner, and downwards. The patch of dark skin oftentimes appears swollen. Tear troughs form as a natural consequence of aging. The aging process includes the natural decrease in fatty tissue in the face, as well as a loss of elastin and collagen in the skin. Tear troughs form from a lack of sleep, illness and exhaustion on the faces of individuals of all ages, but permanent tear troughs form as we age.

Tear troughs can be covered up by make up and lessened by lifestyle changes. However, there are cosmetic treatments available to fix the unpleasant aesthetic of the tear trough. Tear trough is treated with temporary dermal fillers, most popularly those based on hyaluronic acid.

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