Herbal Peel

Definition - What does Herbal Peel mean?

Herbal peels are a type of skin care treatment that is used as an alternative to a chemical peel. Herbal peels use natural ingredients to help repair damaged skin or improve the appearance of dull, aged, or uneven skin tones. This type of treatment does not use abrasives, synthetic binders, or chemicals.

TheConsultation explains Herbal Peel

Herbal peels can be an ideal skin care treatment option for patients who are concerned or allergic to chemicals or other synthetic materials that are put into chemical peels. Herbal peels are specifically designed to help improve the skin without causing too much discomfort and reduce the potential for adverse side effects.

Herbal peels use natural vitamins, oils, enzymes, phytohormones, carbohydrates, and other ingredients to help restore the skin to a fresher and younger state.

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