Body Sculpting

Definition - What does Body Sculpting mean?

Body sculpting, also known as body contouring, is the reshaping of the body through the elimination of fat pockets. Body sculpting treatments contour the body through the removal of fatty deposits by destroying fat cells. Body sculpting gives the body a new, slimmer shape, reducing fat deposits and accentuating certain desirable body parts such as the curvature of the back, the accentuation of the buttocks, and the reshaping of thighs and arms.

When it comes to body sculpting, there are surgical body contouring options (liposuction) and a large variety of non-surgical options available.

TheConsultation explains Body Sculpting

Body sculpting, often referred to as body contouring or fat-reduction procedures, is a term referring to surgical and non-surgical fat reduction treatments. The procedures eliminate unwanted fat deposits, giving the body a new shape. A popular surgical body sculpting procedure is liposuction, now slowly being replaced by the advanced version of the procedure called SmartLipo.

Non-surgical body contouring techniques break down fat cells that are naturally flushed away by the body’s lymphatic system using non-surgical, non-invasive techniques. Available non-surgical techniques are cryolipolysis (the usage of freezing temperatures to destroy fat cells), laser lipolysis (using controlled heating and laser energy to target fat cells), radiofrequency lipolysis (the implementing of heating and ultrasound technology to destroy fat cells) and injection lipolysis (the usage of injectible deoxycholic acid to target and destroy fat cells).

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