Definition - What does Consultation mean?

A consultation is a private conversation carried out between a doctor and a potential patient. During a consultation, the doctor will familiarize themselves with the medical history of the patient, give the patient viable information about the potential procedure, as well as inform the patient about the treatment options the patient has available.

TheConsultation explains Consultation

A medical consultation is a private and confidential conversation between the patient's doctor and/or surgeon of choice and the patient. The consultation is designed to inform the patient about treatment options, discuss the potential procedures, and to answer any questions they may have.

The consultation is also meant to familiarize the doctor with medical histories, as well as with wants, needs and hopes when it comes to the procedure. A medical consultation is the crucial part of any surgical procedure or medical treatment, as it allows the patient to fully understand the procedure ahead and discuss all concerns, effectively preparing the patient for what’s to come.

It is, at the same time, an opportunity for the doctor to prepare themselves for the carrying out of the procedure, which is why it’s highly important for the patient to be honest and disclose all information about their health, medical history and lifestyle.

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