Definition - What does CoolGlide mean?

The CoolGlide laser in a hand-held laser hair-removal device. The CoolGlide laser performs non-invasive light therapy which is designed to remove hair from all parts of the body, including the face, legs, arms, underarms and back areas, as well as sensitive areas, such as the bikini line. CoolGlide is recommended for all skin types and all skin pigments. The laser is named after the chilled handpiece which cools and smooths.

TheConsultation explains CoolGlide

CoolGlide is a hand-held laser device which generates pulses of intense, concentrated light that damages the roots of the hairs in the target area. The generated energy is released into the skin which it then penetrates, reaching the hair follicle.

The hair follicle stores pigments which absorb the released light energy, which results in selective damage to the hair - the roots are damaged while the skin remains protected. As the name of the device implies, the CoolGlide handpiece has a cooling and soothing effect, relieving the skin of any pain and discomfort.

While a topical anesthetic is recommended for sensitive areas such as the bikini zone or the nipples, as well as some parts of the face, the treatment is generally painless, with the cooling effect enough to numb and calm the skin. CoolGlide results in the permanent reduction of hair growth in the treated areas, but the long-term benefits are visible only after three to six treatments.

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