Definition - What does Epilation mean?

Epilation is a hair removal process done with a small, hand-held electronic hair-removing device called the epilator. The epilator functions like high-speed multi-layered electronic tweezers, removing the hairs out of the skin with their roots. This results in the slower regrowth of hair, as well as reduced hair growth and softer texture of the hairs.

TheConsultation explains Epilation

Epilation is the process of removing hairs from the legs, arms and bikini areas with the use of an electronic device called the epilator. The epilator is a small, hand-held device which physically resembles an electric shaver. Instead of a blade, the epilator has an average of forty tweezer openings which remove hair at high speed.

Most epilators have hypoallergenic ceramic disks. Hairs are removed from the root, having an effect on hair regrowth and the quality of the re-growing hairs similar to that of waxing. Epilators have different available speeds and come with different types of heads - the number of tweezers affecting the speed and pain associated with hair removal.

The effects of epilation last for up to three weeks.

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