The purpose of an intervention in the genital area of a woman is to obtain a more natural and harmonious appearance. The size of the inner labia of the vulva may be larger than desired or they may have lost their youthful shape and initial volume, causing some women to feel embarrassed and insecure, especially during the sexual intercourse.

In addition, an increased size of the inner lips can cause sensitivity in the area due to friction during walking or sexual intercourse.

Labiaplasty is the procedure of plastic surgery that offers a satisfactory solution to these issues helping you to regain your self-confidence in your sexual life.

Who Wants Labiaplasty?

Labiaplasty isn't an operation to be ashamed about. Despite what you may think, the majority of women attending the plastic surgeon are everyday women, such as civil servants and private employees, engineers, lawyers, doctors, young students etc. and only a few of those working in the adult entertainment industry.

Many times, girls between 15-19 years of age have asymmetrical inner lips. The plastic surgeon can intervene and correct one of the two lips, depending on the desired result. The majority of women, however, who choose labiaplasty are 25-35 years old and are usually the age range who worry the most about the appearance of this area when standing in an upright position.

Finally, there's also an age range of women (38-68) who tend to gradually experience some age-related alterations of the area including a wrinkly appearance or an atrophic labia.

What is Labiaplasty?

Labiaplasty is a very simple procedure in which either the excess skin is removed from inner labia to reduce their size, or a fat transfer and then liposculpture are used to reconstruct the outer labia. The intervention does not cause any significant discomfort and the recovery time is relatively quick. It's still important to stress that the sensitivity of the genital area is not affected at all.

Who's the Best Candidate?

You should consider labiaplasty if you're experiencing:

  1. Inconvenience when exercising, when you ride a bicycle, when you are walking, or during the sexual intercourse.
  2. A feeling of insecurity and embarrassment in your intimate relationships.
  3. Irritation from your underwear.
  4. Frequent vaginitis due to difficulty in cleaning thoroughly the area.
  5. Unpleasant odor in the genital area, especially during menstruation or during the summer due to heavy sweating.
  6. Frequent irritation, pain, itching, increased vaginal fluids, etc. in the area of your vulva.
  7. Embarrassment when you wear your swimwear on the beach in the summer months.

What Are the Advantages of Labiaplasty?

Labiaplasty has a lot of advantages, including:

  • The incisions are minor.
  • Scars are almost invisible.
  • It's a relatively quick procedure.
  • There's short downtime.
  • The procedure can be combined with other interventions at the same time.

What's the Procedure Like?

The surgical procedure is simple, quick and safe and usually takes place in the clinic. Labiaplasty can be performed either under general anesthesia or under local anesthesia and moderate sedation. Local anesthesia is usually preferred, though, in most cases, as it's a short and simple operation. In any case, you will be comfortable and you will not feel any pain during the surgery. (Learn more about choosing between surgical vs. non-surgical interventions with these 6 Important Questions to Ask Yourself.)

Surgical time depends on the technique followed, the extent of the problem and whether or not any other interventions will be performed at the same time. The duration of surgery usually varies between 1-2 hours and the wound is closed with absorbable fine sutures.

How Do I Experience a Quick & Uncomplicated Labiaplasty Recovery?

As the procedure is usually performed under local anesthesia and moderate sedation, you'll be asked to stay for a few hours in the hospital until the anesthesia completely wears off. It's recommended that you shouldn't drive home afterwards.

You should also expect some swelling in the area after surgery, however, using cold compresses for short periods will help to quickly reduce swelling. Although minimal bleeding can occur in some patients, it's nothing to worry about. Moreover, bed rest on the first day will lead to a quicker recovery.

In addition, you should avoid moving and standing for a long period of time in order to minimize the risk of injury to the area, and you should stay away from sexual intercourse for at least four weeks.

You'll receive antibiotic treatment for four days and, in the rare case you will feel some pain, you will be prescribed painkillers. It's also advisable to be particularly careful and meticulous with the hygiene of your sensitive area, especially after visiting the bathroom.

You'll be able to return to work and your daily activities in just a few days or up to a week depending on your personal recovery time.

How Can I Avoid Experiencing Postoperative Complications?

Postoperative complications are extremely rare and involve about one percent of patients. Quite often these complications include bleeding and infection. However, the latter can be prevented if you take antibiotics prior to and after your surgery. In order to minimize the risk of inflammation, it's still important to be consistent with proper hygiene of the sensitive area and to stay off your feet for the first couple of days after surgery to avoid injury and risk of excessive bleeding.

With modern surgical techniques, people no longer experience prolonged healing times or risks of developing a hematoma (which until recently, used to be included in possible complications). You should always consult board-certified plastic surgeons experienced in such interventions so that they can ensure that the functionality of the area will not be affected.

Labiaplasty is the only permanent solution for a natural and harmonious appearance of your inner or outer lips. Once the recovery period is over, your sensitive area will be beautiful, firm and youthful and you'll feel more confident about yourself.