Is modern life ruining your complexion? Does your skin look tired and drawn despite spending a fortune on Botox, dermal fillers and skin peels? Do you drink gallons of water and green tea, but your skin still looks sallow? Do you have puffy eyes and deep folds running down from your nostrils?

These are all classic signs of toxicity. Blame processed foods, smoking, pollution and stress. Its time for a mind-body approach to anti-aging.

The Natural Lift Facial Massage

Have you heard of the Natural Lift Facial Massage, otherwise known as the Fingertip Face-Lift? This specialized blend of Indian and Japanese facial massage uses acupressure and lymphatic drainage to lift and brighten a tense face. This is the perfect treatment if your stressed lifestyle is prematurely aging your skin. It is more than just a massage or a facial – it relaxes the mind, body and soul.

Stressed Skin

Negative emotions are written all over our face whether we like it or not. Before we know it, tight facial muscles have turned into permanent expression lines and we look grumpy all the time. During a natural lift facial, a therapist can gently massage the connective tissues and fascia surrounding these tight muscles until they relax back into their normal position.

Jaw tension, grinding teeth, tension headaches and frown lines can all be released. Muscles can be pushed up and out to open up the face. Slackened underused muscles, such as the cheekbones, can be strengthened and lifted.

Skin Toxicity

Tight muscles trap toxins just under the surface of our skin and it starts to look dull. When our lymphatic drainage is working well, lymph (a milky white fluid) removes toxins from the skin cells into the bloodstream and out through kidneys, colon, lungs and skin.

But lymph flow is not connected to the heart (it is a completely different circulatory system) so its not pumped around the body. Sometimes it becomes a bit sluggish, especially if someone has a toxic lifestyle. Spots appear along the jawline, (known by therapists as the 'dustbin of the skin') and eyes become puffy. (Read 5 Revitalizing Ways to Wake Up Your Tired Eyes.)

Part 1: Wake up sluggish lymph with acupressure point massage.

A good therapist will start with an in depth nutrition and lifestyle consultation followed by advice on diet and stress techniques. Usually a course of six one-hour sessions is recommended, followed by maintenance top-ups. The treatment is completely bespoke: the therapist will work on different groups of muscles each session and the pressure will get progressively deeper.

The treatment starts with delicate kneading and prodding of acupressure points to release blocked energy and wake up a sluggish lymph flow. Don't worry if you fall asleep because your facial muscles will relax more and be more easily manipulated.

Part 2: Lymphatic drainage.

This light fingertip massage all over the face, neck and scalp is hypnotically slow and soothing, but don't be fooled – each gentle movement is very precise. Too much pressure can damage the delicate lymph vessels just under the surface of the skin and push the lymph downwards.

Gentle tapping and sweeping movements drain toxins to the lymph nodes behind the ears and under the armpits which act as filters. Particular care will be taken to drain excess lymph around the lips and under the eyes which causes puffiness.

Your Skin Will Look Better After a Natural Lift Facial Massage

After the detox, your skin will start to function better again. Oxygen and nutrients can reach your skin so that all important glow is restored and acne clears up. Active ingredients can penetrate more deeply and make up goes on more smoothly. A healthy lymphatic system addresses other health concerns such as sinus problems, insomnia, eye strain from computers and increased alertness.

Plastic surgeons often recommend lymphatic drainage prior to surgery because it strengthens the immune system and significantly reduces the risk of complications and side effects.

Its not unusual to feel nauseous or get a headache afterwards as toxins leave the body. Its very important to drink lots of water afterwards or the toxins will just flow back in. In fact your skin will look better the next day once you have peed out all the toxins.

Microcurrent Face-Lift or a Natural Lift Facial Massage?

Whereas a microcurrent face-lift (Read Evaluating the Microcurrent Facial: Is It Still Relevant in Today's Crowded Market?) strengthens underused muscles that have become slack, the Fingertip Face-Lift relaxes tight muscles which make the skin look tense.

Both treatments are great before a big event and a perfect choice for the needle-phobic. Equally any treatment that works on the muscles complements Botox. (Read 7 Key Things to Watch Out for If You Are Considering Botox Injections.)

Results can be reinforced by doing facial yoga movements in between treatments. In fact a recent small study showed that such facial exercises can strengthen and enlarge muscles such as the cheekbones, which plumps up the face.

There Are No Quick Fixes

The results might not be as dramatic as a face-lift, but its non-invasive with no downtime. Results just take a little longer however, so you need to be patient. Its time to stop obsessing over every single line and wrinkle and concentrate on the health of our skin.

Our internal health, especially our gut health, is reflected in our skin, no matter how much Botox we have.