What can I expect after breast augmentation?

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What can I expect after breast augmentation?


There are several things to expect after breast augmentation and they fall into the category of changes in your body from the surgery, changes in your lifestyle or habits, and your results.

Changes in Your Body

Changes in your body from the surgery include swelling, soreness, and possible bruising. There will be wounds that form a scar but scars will fade over time. Your doctor will give you a prescription for pain medication to help you get through the first few days when inflammation is highest in your breasts, which causes the pain and soreness.

Depending on the type of sutures used during surgery, you may or may not have drainage tubes. If you do, these will need to be removed and you’ll need an additional appointment at your doctor’s office.

If you develop a fever after surgery, you will want to call your doctor immediately.

An infection may change the way your incisions heal – and this can affect your ultimate look.

Changes in Your Habits

Changes in your habits include what to wear and when to return to regular activities. Depending on your doctor’s recommendation, you may or may not wear a compression bandage or sports bra to make sure the implants are positioned correctly.

All strenuous activities should be avoided for at least 2 weeks, and anything that makes your breasts move up and down such as running should be avoided for at least eight weeks, or until your doctor tells you it’s okay to run.

Lifting any heavy objects is also not recommended, as this may affect the implant position. For example, lifting a young child and then holding him or her close to you can affect your surgical results. However, most people go back to regular activities at around the eight-week mark.

Your Results

Your true results will take at least three months to see. Weight loss and weight gain can also affect how your breasts and body look over time.

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